TAVA - Vacuum Refilling and Filling Units

Vacuum filling station for 200 l drums

System for filling 200 l drums under vacuum

A unit for efficient filling of liquid and pasty synthetic components without any air pockets. Filling under vacuum provides a maximum process reliability, because of no introduction of air in the dosing process.

Advantages of the Vacuum filling station
+ Highly user-friendly
+ Maximum performance level for dosing machines and metering- and mixing machines
+ Filling process without air pockets

Technical data

Applications Filling under vacuum of liquid and pasty materials
Vacuum pump 25 m³/h, ultimate pressure 0.1 mbar
Control Siemens SPS KTP700, touch screen
Tank 200 l drum (possible with and without Inliner)
Vacuum Drum vacuum drum with cover,
connection for material supply,
sight glass,
level control
Compressed air 6 – 8 bar
Power supply 400 Volt, 50 Hz
Additional equipment • Handling arm with rope winch
• optional: drum lifter, scale
• further special equipment possible