Vacuum Degassing Unit T-EVAC

Why degas?

  • Air and moisture that affect quality are removed from the resin
  • improved manufacturing process
  • improved product quality

Vacuum Degassing Unit T-EVAC

We present: the vacuum degassing unit T-EVAC for the process-integrated evacuation of air and moisture from synthetic resins and hardeners before dosing and mixing.

Thus we offer to all users who use the methods of vacuum infusion, wet moulding, resin transfer moulding (RTM) and pultrusion another means of decisively improving both their moulding processes and their product quality. The new degassing unit is suitable for epoxy resin and polyurethane resin degassing. The system solution design comes in two versions: in the form of offline degassing at a central point, from where you can fill the tanks of multiple dosing systems with degassed material. The second version comes as inline degassing, directly integrated into the dosing system and tailored to the process requirements.

The outstanding degassing quality is measurable and has already been verified in test series and applications at our customers.

Measurably better results with degassed material

The pictures are taken of two infused composite panels made out of 24 layers of 1200 gsm UD reinforcement infused with epoxy normal to fibre orientation at 30°C.

Materialtest: Ergebnis mit entgastem Kunstharz und Härter ist optimal
Materialtest: Ergebnis mit entgastem Kunstharz und Härter ist optimal

Material test: Result with degassed synthetic resin and hardener is optimal

Testergebnis ohne Entgasung: sichtbare Lufteinschlüsse (helle Verfärbung)
Testergebnis ohne Entgasung: sichtbare Lufteinschlüsse (helle Verfärbung)

Test result without degassing: visible air inclusions (light discoloration)

Technical Data (of the shown system)

Maximum degassing capacity 1000 l/h
Vacuum level < 5 mbar abs.
Control Siemens PLC control with 7“ HMI screen
  • Automatic Vacuum pump protection system
  • Automatic controlled water-heating
    system with heat recovery
Optional equiment
  • Automatic water-cooling system available
  • 1200 litre IBC MX feeder system with
    Kamlok connection
  • 1000 litre vacuum buffer tank with
    automatic filling