Refilling Units for liquid components

Microdosierung mit neuem Dosiermischkopf LV 2/2 - Tartler GmbH

Dosing mixing head LV 2/2

Dosing of very small quantities - high-precision and repeatable accuracy

  • High-precision small quantity application - dynamically mixed
  • Max. 2 components
  • Shot sizes of only 1.0 gram possible
  • Mixing ratios from 100:5 to 100:20
  • Integrated weighing cell

The new dosing mixing head LV 2/2 is a high-quality and intelligent precision system for the precise application of very small quantities.

Typical areas of application are, for example, potting and sealing tiny electrical-electronic components or bonding small magnets in the rotors of compact e-mobility drives. The new LV 2/2 enables the mixing of resins and hardeners with viscosities from 50 to 20,000 mPas as well as the precise and repeatable dosing of smallest shot quantities from 1.0 to 10 grams. Depending on the pump type used, the user can achieve mixing ratios of 100:5 to 100:20 with the LV 2/2. Other, individual mixing ratios can also be provided on customer request.

In this video we demonstrate the anti drip effect and the repeatability of the LV 2/2

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