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Material data

Material data

Material data

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Machine specification

Machine specification

Autom. Machine Control Note: Automatic machine control =
flow control and self regulation of mixing ratio and output.
(Internal closed process loop)

If yes: Data protocol necessary?
Shot size mode
Potlife alarm
Automatic flushing system
Hose set length
Agitator A
Agitator B
Agitator C
Agitator D
Level control A
Level control B
Level control C
Level control D
Online-Degasing A
Online-Degasing B
Manual Degasing A
Manual Degasing B
Vacuum filling A
Vacuum filling B
Tank size A
Tank size B
Tank size C
Tank size D
Automatic Refill
In case of refilling - inspection glass in tank cover
Heating A
Heating B
Heating C
Heating D

Mixhead versions

Mixhead version - dynamic
Mixhead version - static
Mixhead motor
Mixhead handling