About us

Competence and Know How

Since the year 1982 the TARTLER Company is doing successfully business on an international level with their two and multicomponent meter/ mix & dispensing machinery in the field of processing epoxy resins, polyurethane encapsulation compounds, silicones and other liquid resins in an environmentally friendly way.

They not only deliver the actual machinery, they also deliver the entire know how that goes with it. A high standard of quality warrants technical features of machinery and accessories alike, which exceeds far above their requirements – and a corresponding service commitment makes this advantage possible.


A large group of customers coming from these branches:

  • Aviation & Outer Space Travel Industries
  • Automotive-, Boat-, and RV- Industries
  • Wind Energy Generator Manufacturers
  • Model-, Mold-, and Prototyping Industry
  • Building & Construction, Electronics and Furniture

Individual solutions

In close co-operation with resin manufacturers` developments and their R & D programs involving Metering and Mixing Machinery and their corresponding parameters reflecting customer requirements are being realized and put into practical use.

The TARTLER Company offers individual and / or custom – built solutions, for example special devices for the processing of components such as pastes or resins that possess unusually high differences in viscosity and / or extremely wide mixing ratios.

Research and Development

Special attention that deserve an honorable mention are two products which were developed by the TARTLER Co. These are:

The dynamicly used, commercially available, disposable Static mix tube, which does away with all solvents whatsoever that heavily burden the environment, and corresponding mixing head models, that show these decisive advantages:

  • no dead spots
  • compactiveness
  • universally usable

The convincing results within strictly industrial productions as well as in individual operations speak for itself. You owe it to yourself to give the TARTLER Co. a call to find out more.

After Sales Service

Service of TARTLER does not mean only assembly and start – up of the machine but also the complete indoctrination in its use for the associates (or personal) of your company. In addition, you are examined during the whole application time of your machine. As a partner with high competence and wide range of offers company TARTLER’s metering and mixing machines are trendsetting already today.

Furthermore, you will be supervised during the entire time span your equipment is in operation. As a partner of high competence with a wide range of models the TARTLER Co. already today offers Metering and Mixing Machines that are future orientated.

Concerning the traceability of ordered spare parts we send the customer detailed photos and the tracking information.

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