About R.D.D. Centre

Test results you can rely on

Olav Davis, Head of the FED Center, testing a dosing systemAs you know, our company credo is "mixing is possible". In this way, we express that constant innovation and continuous development work are an essential part of Tartler's strategy. This has been the same since the company was founded in 1981 and has become a permanent process within the company.

Now it was time to bundle the variety of ideas and developments in a central area "Research and Development" in order to align the innovative power and validation system even more effectively with the needs of the customers. This step was realised with the establishment of the new research, development and demonstration centre R.D.D.

No matter which materials are used - the processes must run smoothly, efficiently and with maximum operational safety. In order to achieve this, we match our machines exactly to the material that is to be processed. This is the only way we can guarantee our high standard of process reliability, minimize material loss enormously and supply precise dosing technology.

Realistic tests at the new R.D.D. Center enable us to increase the quality of our products and systems, as well as to accelerate the implementation of research projects from the experimental stage to the realization phase.

Besides many new product and technology ideas on our agenda, we also intend to involve Tartler's customers even more closely in the concrete development and research work of the R.D.D. Center in future.

This means that the R.D.D. Center is also open to customers who do not have the capacity for test series or demonstration trials of their own ideas. We are able to plan budgets and organize individual development projects. These can also be projects that go far beyond mixing technology in the narrower sense, such as the development of new measurement technology or new application systems.

The R.D.D. Centre works productively in interdisciplinary and project-oriented teams.

The R.D.D. Centre works productively in interdisciplinary and project-oriented teams.